Is the cap on superannuation contributions for first home deposits dangerously low?

With the median house prices in our leading cities exceeding 800k, is the Australian government’s new 30k superannuation contributions cap high enough? I think not. What may be a great idea, has a fatal flaw. It just isn’t enough. Contributions will be allowed from July 1 and will be taxed [...]

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Melbourne’s Surprising Top Growth Suburbs.

There was some serious growth in and around Melbourne in the last year, with the highest growth centring around St Kilda, middle-class Ardeer and flourishing Manor Lakes. These suburbs and ones like them are feeling the flow-on effect from buyers finding more value for money than the expensive inner-city alternatives. [...]

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Are There Really Realestate ‘Hot-Spots’?

We have all heard the term ‘hot-spot’ used time and time again, but are there really property hot-spots? It’s a no from me. Realistically, there is no such thing as a ‘hot-spot’ and if you’re searching for one, you are wasting your time. Although there are many publications who claim [...]

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Should Real Estate Agents Hire an External PR Agent?

All publicity is good publicity, right? Not so much. Especially in the world of real estate where a realtor’s name is the foundation on which his or her career is built. In an increasingly tech-smart, media-focused world, it has only become more important to consider one’s reputation when looking for [...]

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Is Winter Set To Ruin Property Sales?

It is the month many of us Melbournians dread. The mornings begin to crisp and we hear ourselves mumbling, ‘…all seasons in one day’ far too often. Many assume Winter would also see a drop in house prices, but that is rarely the case. This year in particular, we are [...]

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Looking to buy an apartment? Read my top tips before you commit!

There are a huge amount of factors that go into choosing the perfect apartment. From location to size, you have to make sure your purchase ticks all the boxes. With new apartment blocks popping up all over Melbourne, it is also important that you have a strong understanding on what [...]

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The Australian states set to undergo the biggest decline in apartment construction…

Over the next four years, apartment construction is projected to fall by almost 40 per cent in NSW. What’s to blame for the decline? Meagre bank loans and rising restrictions on foreign property investment have stalled new housing starts of units, townhouses and semi-detached homes. The decline in housing starts [...]

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Is it worth investing in an energy efficient home?

Energy-efficiency is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features for those in the home buying market. While the rising interest in energy-efficient homes is already influencing how new homes are built, the established home market must also rise to the occasion and provide solutions to eco-conscious interests. By retrofitting [...]

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The Overlooked Victims of Australia’s Runaway Property.

It’s easy to assume that millennials are unique in their home-buying struggles thanks to rising property values in Sydney and Melbourne, but statistics tell a different story. Even though the average mortgage debt of young homeowners has increased by 99%, the current property market is also financially straining four other [...]

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Short Term Rentals Are Not a Guaranteed Holiday!

With Airbnb’s increasing popularity among travellers, those looking to invest in property have idealised the market value of short-term holiday rentals. One could earn 20 to 50 per cent more rental income for a furnished, well-located address marketed as a holiday rental as opposed to a long-term, private rental, so [...]

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