Maximise Your Potential With Us:

  • Qualified Valuers and Specialists across all asset classes with over 35 years of unmatched market knowledge.
  • Nationally recognised and trusted by Major Banks, Financial Institutions, Government Bodies, Businesses and Consumers.
  • Highly skilled team with access to both on and off-market properties and portfolios in local and national markets, creating added value to our clients.
  • Access to real-time transactional data, historical asset performance and data insights/trends, providing clients with confidence in their investment decision.
  • Experienced transaction negotiators across all asset classes, saving our clients capital, time and mitigating risk.

Access a distinct advantage in the commercial property market

Whether you’re an occupier seeking to expand operations or an investor chasing cash flow, Greville Pabst Advisory assists client’s with developing a strategic plan to achieve their key business objectives.
Our independence is an asset to you. Our only interests are your interests. As such we’re solely focussed on achieving the best outcome for you – not just a sale.
Our experienced team of industrial market experts with property valuation qualifications and experience assist clients identify and maximise opportunities within the ever evolving and highly competitive industrial sector.
The retail sector is constantly having to adapt to the evolving trends of consumer lifestyle habits, spending and the economic climate. Engaging a commercial/retail property expert is critical to accurately assess performance and value. Our experienced team of retail market experts with property valuation qualifications and experience assist clients to recognise retail trends and capitalise on future opportunities through data insights on retail trading

Whether you’re an occupier or investor, we have the market intelligence to mitigate risk and create value for our clients.

Our commercial team is actively working in the office market across CBD, Inner-City and Suburban office locations. We undertake freehold office building and strata office market value and rental assessments on a wide range of property types from CBD to Suburban offices.

What we do

Acquire commercial property with wealth-generating potential

Greville will help find and secure the right commercial property – saving countless hours of searching and inspecting, taking the stress and emotion out of the process. The combination of vast experience paired with in-depth market analysis and data will reduce the risk of buying a lemon.

Maximise your sale outcomes

When it comes to selling commercial property, experience and expertise are essential ingredients for a successful outcome – especially during a downturn in the commercial market. Get advice and guidance from someone who will tell it to you straight; who knows what is and isn’t achievable; who knows how to play the game, and who has the connections needed, not just to ensure a successful sale – but a great outcome.

Independent property valuations

If you’re entering into a commercial property transaction, take advantage of Greville’s vast knowledge and experience, and his access to in-depth market data to ensure you know the true value of a property.

As founder of WBP Group , one of Australia’s largest property valuation firms, Greville can be relied upon for accurate, data-based, timely and reliable appraisals and valuations.

Maximize your returns in the commercial property market with our expert guidance and advice.