You may have heard of Greville or seen him on TV. He’s one of Australia’s leading property advisors and commentators.

He has studied the property market for 35+ years as a leading valuer, investor and advisor. As you’d imagine, he’s learnt a thing or two in that time.

He understands the nuances of the property market under different economic conditions. He knows how to play the game better than most, using his knowledge and connections to help others achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through property.

My story

I learned the value of hard work early on. I had big dreams and hopes for my future, and I chased them. I have lived and breathed property for as long as I can remember. It fascinates and excites me. It’s also been very good to me, allowing me to achieve my youthful hopes and dreams.

I got my start in property in the late ’80s, working as a valuer. In 1994, during the ‘recession we had to have’, I co-founded WBP Group (one of Australia’s largest independent property valuations firms, which I continue to manage and Chair).

During that time, I witnessed many ups and downs in the market and lived to tell the tale. I saw property make and break people; I learned from their mistakes and successes and used them to build my own portfolio.

I’ve built a wealth of knowledge and experience around property and I want to use it to help others achieve their goals when buying commercial property.

I am driven by making a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives – helping them realise their financial and lifestyle dreams through better property decisions.

Greville Pabst Property Advisory is the strategic property advice arm of the WBP Group, one of Australia’s leading property valuation companies

Our Team

Good property people are few and far between.

In 1994 I co-founded Walstab Brady Pabst (AKA WBP Group) and to this day I remain a major shareholder and Chairman. From humble beginnings, WBP has grown its team to 250 people and is now a sizeable enterprise. What I like most about Greville Pabst Property Advisory, is that it’s a small, boutique family business.

A wise person once told me “Son, when you’re a small business, you’ll want to become a big business and then when you’re big, you’ll want to become small again”.

Greville Pabst

Chairman, WBP Group API, FRICS, FMFAA Licensed Estate Agent CEA ( REIV) Property Buyers Agent Transaction Advisor, Certified Practising Valuer

Noah Pabst

Certified Practising Valuer
AAPI and CPV qualified

Renay McIntyre

Buyers Agent, Licensed Estate Agent (REIV & REIQ)

Cheryl Gravina

Property Management

Emma Jane Elles

Property Management

We’re here to stand with you and stand up for you and help use property to grow your wealth, as well as reach your lifestyle goals.

Accreditations & Qualifications