Building a successful property portfolio relies on more than simply having a bevy of properties under your name. It’s about ensuring each of those properties is delivering an optimal return on investment, from their annual yield to their potential for capital gains and wealth creation. It also means getting the best advice when you are rationalising your assets or disposing of them.

Now you can assess your current portfolio and grow your wealth with expert, independent property advice and guidance. Greville has been in the property business personally and professionally since the 80s. In that time, he’s seen how property can make or break an individual. Learning from their mistakes and successes, he built his own property portfolio, allowing him to realise his own financial and lifestyle goals and earned him the reputation of Australia’s most respected independent property advisors.

Build a property portfolio that others envy.

When you have Australia’s most experienced and qualified property advisor on your team, the advantages are many.
Our independence is an asset to you. Our only interests are your interests. As such we’re solely focussed on achieving the best outcome for you – not just a sale.
With Greville’s connections and network, you’ll have access to more opportunities – view and acquire properties that promise to deliver a good yield before they hit the market and maximise on earnings when you invest.
Make smart decisions based on exceptional market knowledge, intelligence and data gathered over the last thirty years, paired with experience.
With his wealth of knowledge and expertise and in-depth market data, Greville creates sound strategies to secure the best property outcomes, whether you’re buying off market, making an offer prior or bidding at auction. He’s a sharp negotiator, known to be one of Australia’s best. Whether your buying or selling having Greville in your corner will give you a distinct advantage
When you have Australia’s most respected property advisor on your team, agents sit up and take notice. Greville’s network, relationships and reputation give you a distinct advantage.

What we do

Asset portfolio review

Are your properties investment grade? Have they demonstrated a return historically? Greville will review your property portfolio, compiling a historical review of performance across different market situations to determine the quality and value of your assets. From residential property to commercial property investment, Greville understands all the elements needed to create a well-rounded asset portfolio. Assessments take into account annual yield, capital growth profile, risks, and development opportunities that can add future value.

Grow your property portfolio

Greville uses his network and relationships to find unicorns – the properties that demonstrate peak performance – using science to help build a portfolio of properties that deliver top-notch return on investment.

Divest with confidence

Know that the assets you sell will be in excellent hands with Greville. His sound property knowledge, network and influence mean you have the best chance of getting an excellent sale outcome based on the current market conditions.

Accurate, independent property valuations

As founder of WBP Group, one of Australia’s largest property valuation firms, Greville can be relied upon for accurate, data-based, timely and reliable valuations.

Greville is the only Buyer Agent who is supported by a national network of qualified property valuers.

With Greville on your team, you'll know you're in the right hands. He knows exactly what it takes when it comes to building wealth with property.