Greville is the only luxury residental buyers agent who is also an experienced qualified property valuer. Greville is co-owner of National Property Valuation Company, WBP Group

The high-end luxury residential property market is specialised, and few understand the market better than Greville Pabst. Transactions are thin at this upper end of the residential market, and finding buyers and sellers discreetly is the “Art of the deal”.

With Greville’s connections and network, you’ll have the opportunity to view and buy properties that are yet to hit the Melbourne market. Properties that aren’t advertised, that you don’t have to compete for.

With Greville’s connections and network, you’ll have access to more opportunities – position your property to maximise the sale price, and buy properties that are yet to hit the market (no need to compete).

As the founder and Chairperson of WBP Group, Greville has access to unparalleled market knowledge, intelligence and data gathered over the last thirty years – which we use to your advantage to ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes for your portfolio.
No one knows how to play the game better than Greville. Whether you’re buying off market, making an offer, bidding at auction, or selling, Greville will have a sound strategy to secure the best property outcomes for you. He’s an intelligent negotiator and known to be one of Australia’s best.
Whether we are helping you sell a property as a Transaction Advisor or acquiring for you off-market, Greville’s network, relationships and reputation will give you a greater probability of success.

Greville personally guides, advises and supports clients every step of the way.

When you have Australia’s most experienced property advisor on your team, the advantages are many.

Sell with confidence

When you decide to sell property, speak to Greville first before you call the Agent. Why? Because a lot can go wrong – we’ve seen this first hand. The common mistakes we see include choosing the wrong Estate Agent, incorrect pricing, improper pitch, marketing, and/or sale method. The “0ne Percenters” can make all the difference.

Having Greville Pabst as your Transaction Advisor reduces the risk, helps improve the financial outcome and ensures the whole sales process is seamless from start to finish. With Greville, you can sell with confidence.

01. Strategy that delivers

Greville works closely with you, devising strategy and prowess to achieve the best possible sales results.

02. The right person for the job

Greville is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and valuer himself. Nobody knows Melbourne better and Greville’s experience in the market has taught him the importance of choosing the right agent for the task.

03. A sounding board

When representing a vendor to sell a property, Greville works closely with only a select number of some of Melbourne’s finest Real Estate Agents. He demands the highest standards from the agents he engages and is under no illusion. A poorly ran campaign will weigh heavily on his own reputation.

04. Independent Property valuations

As a Certified Practising Valuer, Greville understands the importance of getting the numbers right. He understands the damage being rigid can cause. Instead, he is guided by the independent valuation which can be used in setting a reserve price.

There is no other buyers agent in the market that owns a network of valuers

Buy your next residential property sooner and smarter

Greville will help find and buy the right property – saving countless hours of searching and inspecting, taking the stress and emotion out of the process. Now, you can have peace of mind when there are large sums at stake.

Get a sure advantage from having Australia’s most respected property advisor on your team. Greville’s network, relationships and reputation will put you ahead of the competition – whether you’re acquiring a new property or selling.

Greville uses his network and connections to find high performing capital growth properties – often hidden gems – that will meet your brief.

We do all the due diligence to ensure it’s a good buy because if a property doesn’t have a history of strong performance, it’s not going to start just because you buy it.

We combine market intelligence and a perceptive understanding of real estate to help you ascertain which properties and locations on the shortlist best suit your needs.

Greville takes the emotion out of the process. As a seasoned negotiator, he recognises the many ways a sale can play out. More importantly, he understands how to play the game with confidence and calmness to your advantage.

With Greville, there are no ‘smoke and mirrors’. He’s sharing his 30 years experience, insights and ideas to get the best outcomes possible. There is no other Buyers Agent that owns a network of property valuers