Have You Done A Tax Depreciation Report For Your Investment Property?

We are approaching that time of year again and more so than ever getting a tax depreciation report on your investment property this year is vital. Claiming depreciation for the wear and tear of your investment property can reduce your taxable income by thousands and thousands of dollars – [...]

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Greville Pabst now supporting the Chamberlain Foundation

Greville Pabst this year is sponsoring the Chamberlain Foundation to raise money to support mental health and suicide prevention in our community. Ray Chamberlain is known by many as one of the AFL’s most experienced field umpires but few know the great community work he does off the field. The [...]

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A vacant investment property and falling rent

Don’t risk a guess. In 2021 experience counts. Property Managers across Melbourne were relieved and also in shock as December rolled around and did its usual thing, COVID had shaken the rental market in the inner city with high vacancies. Melbourne rental demand was compounded by a second wave [...]

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We can break the lifestyle purchase into two types of property. The holiday home on a structured suburban block at the beach or in the country. The rural retreat/hobby farm, usually 5-100 acres. Before buying, it is always good to ask yourself why?  How often will I go?  How [...]

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Traditionally, the holiday real estate market on Melbourne’s Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas have been a good indicator as to how the mainstream market will perform. From what I have seen so far, the prime holiday spots of Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie and Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula have been [...]

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In retrospect, as the 2020 year drew to a close, November and December were two of the busiest months I have ever experienced!  In conversations had with others involved in selling real estate, they too have had record months.  Last year, activity was strong right up to Christmas day [...]

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My Learnings from The Block 2020

Last Saturday at 10am at the Block in New Street Brighton I arrived on site to prepare for another auction.  After months of construction, airing of the programme, scouring Melbourne for buyers for Houses 1 – 5 , countless private inspections and at least 100 hours of time, talking [...]

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