What to expect in 2020

In January I spent 3 weeks in the united states visiting southern Arizona, Santa Fe , New Mexico and California. I can report that our markets are very different and therefore so difficult to compare due to different tax regimes, market size and supply. Overall, the Australian market has [...]

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The Melbourne median house price has recovered to $860,000. The following suburbs in my view are undervalued, given the proximity to the Melbourne CBD and surrounding infrastructure. Of course we don’t live in a suburb and not all streets and individual property require careful selection. Ascot Vale A great [...]

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The Melbourne residential property market has bounced positively over the last quarter to the end of December 2019.  Many suburbs experienced 3% monthly growth over the last 2 months. The top 20 best performers are shown below. Initial indicators are that this growth will continue into the second half [...]

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Block’s Greville Pabst on selling your home in the New Year

As many Australians enjoy the festive season and summer sun, the real estate market goes into hibernation. That is until the New Year, when the market starts to pick up again. If you are looking to put your home on the market in early 2018, there are  a few things [...]

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5 easy steps to buying a property?

Where do you start? You want this home; it matches most of your wish-list, and you are keen to put in an offer. What next? How do you know you are not overpaying? How do you know its real market value? Tricky questions and ones that no one knows the answer [...]

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The Block 2019 buyer’s advocates: what they really think

The Block 2019: Mitch & Mark - House 38AMitch and Mark’s house has been one of the Buyers favourites. When you walk in you are immediately impacted by their bold style. The location within the block is also hard to beat, being a bookend on the city/ northern side of [...]

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Should you be concerned about changes to stamp duty?

It is the latest hot topic in the real estate industry, the axe of stamp duty on first-home buyer purchases of $600,000 or less. The change will take place from July and hopes to help more people break into the growingly competitive housing market. While this all sounds fantastic to [...]

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The one VERY surprising effect of blackouts on the cost of your home!

Have you ever been stuck in a lift in pitch black? I can tell you it is NOT a fun experience. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the rise of potential blackouts is seeing devastating effects in the price of apartments. As we move towards more renewable [...]

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Are your grandparents pushing you out of the property market?

If you have headed to an auction recently, you would have noticed the crowd is increasingly filled with baby boomers. These buyers are swooping in and throwing the competition out of the water, paying cash for property. This is making buying a home for first home buyers extremely challenging. These [...]

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