Melbourne Property Wrap

Well it's only been a month but what a difference a week makes! We have seen a lot of change in May! The severity of COVID-19’s impact on residential property has been grossly exaggerated. Let's look at the key changes in Melbourne... HOUSES House price median fell by 1.1% [...]

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Have you done a Tax Depreciation Report for your Investment Property?

We are approaching that time of year again and more so than ever getting a tax depreciation report on your investment property this year is vital. Claiming depreciation for the wear and tear of your investment property can reduce your taxable income by thousands and thousands of dollars – [...]

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The rental market is shifting and changing before our eyes.

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on property markets across the world, and Melbourne has been no exception.  Like all businesses we have seen several changes from the way we conduct daily business to the type of rental properties on the market. Here are some of the changes in the Rental [...]

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How A Vendors Advocate Can Help You Maximise Your Sale Price

A vendor’s advocate or adviser is a qualified property professional who represents you (the seller) during the process of selling a property. Vendor’s advocates assist the seller in the initial stages of selecting a selling agent and setting a reserve or sale price, and oversee the sale campaign through [...]

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The Future of Property

Recent events have made me think carefully about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. Will some of us continue to work at home? Some may decide to do that 1 or 2 days a week. This opens up questions around where will we live? Technology has demonstrated [...]

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Capital growth is king

We are living through a period of uncertainty and trying to select which property investment is best can be a very dangerous game! When I talk about this graph it’s all about the one percenters. On one axis is an investment of a property for say $500,000, on the [...]

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Property Forecast

The property market rose 0.4% in Melbourne and 1.1% in Sydney for the Month of March. This is the combined total dwelling data combining both Houses and Apartments. In Melbourne the median House price has increased 12.5 % over the last 12 months, with increases in all state capitals [...]

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Property Valuations and COVID 19

I have always advised my clients to have their properties valued each year. It seems most people only use a Property Valuer when they have a statutory need i.e.  a loan/ mortgage, a Partnership Dissolution / Separation or Divorce, Rating or Taxation dispute i.e. excessive council rate or Land [...]

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COVID-19 How does it affect Tenant, Property Manager, Landlord ?

It’s certainly an unnerving time for Tenants and Landlords alike. It’s hard to grasp the fact that we are only 3 weeks into the full COVID 19 pandemic, however we have already had many calls of distress and the unfortunate confirmation of job loss from tenants. There is also [...]

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