The Block 2020 Preview

This year will be my 9th year of attending The Block auctions, appearing on the show as part of the buyers jury and advising contestants on how to best renovate for the location demographic. Helping investors and home buyers purchase a Block property is not easy and at auction there is strong competition and pressure to perform in front of one of Australia’s largest television audiences come auction day.

I have been fortunate to purchase 6 properties in the last 3 years, and created Block history in 2018 when I successfully purchased 4 out of 5 at The Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda. It has been a lot of fun and during that time I have gained many new friends. This year the Block is at 360 New Street Brighton where they are building and renovating 5 houses from Five different architectural periods.

  • House 1 is from the 1920s being renovated by Victorian father / daughter team Harry and Tash.
  • House 2 is from the 1940’s which is being renovated by Perth couple Luke and Jasmin. 
  • House 3 is from the 1930s and is being renovated by South Australian couple Daniel and Jade.
  • House 4 is from the 1910’s federation period and is being renovated by Sara and George from New South Wales
  • House 5 from my favourite period the 1950’s being renovated by Queensland couple Jimmy and Tam.

The auction will be later this year due to lockdown delays but we are all hopeful we get an auction going and create some competition for these wonderful homes

Interest from qualified buyers seeking buying registration and representation from Greville Pabst buyers agent can register interest via