Selling Your Home? How To Get The Best Price And Sell Faster.

When selling your home or investment property , it is vital that every step you take is a winner. If you are thinking of selling your home, the first thing you should do is seek independent property advice

There are many aspects to successfully selling your home.

● Who is going to sell it?
● What is the cost?
● What is the best time to sell?
● How much should I spend on advertising?
● What do I need to do to present the property for sale
● What if it has a tenant?
● What method of sale is best?
● How do I price it?
● What do I do if I get an offer?
● Who prepares the section 32 and contract of sale
● Who negotiates the terms and conditions in the contract?
● What is a section 27?
● What is the post-sale process and what do I do at settlement?

These are all confronting questions if you are not buying and selling property each day

Before talking to the real estate agent, I always advise my clients to consider approaching an independent property advisor or Vendors advocate

A vendors advocate is a qualified property advisor who represents the seller during the sale process and can be used to keep the selling agent in check. The vendors advocate assists the seller in the selection of a selling agent, setting the reserve price and oversees the sales campaign through to sale and settlement.

Unlike the real estate agent who is engaged to sell the property, the vendors advocate does not sell the property. This means the vendors advocate can provide independent property advice to help you maximise the sale price. There is no extra cost to using a vendors advocate , so long as
you engage them at the start of the selling process

Having an experienced independent property professional by your side can be a game changer

A vendors advocate will:

● Select the best selling agency and particular agent to sell your property based upon knowledge of and networks in the local real estate market.
● Help you to determine whether an asking price is within fair market value, manage negotiations including auction representation, as well as review contract terms and conditions on your behalf.
● Ensure you pay a rate of commission that is not excessive and that reflects the commitment required by the selling agent for the market in which you are selling.
● Advise and oversee the marketing plan for your property, including method of sale, advertising methods, schedule and budget.
● Provide expert advice about how to maximise the sale price through minor updates and / or renovations to the property.

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