Greville Pabst Now Supporting The Chamberlain Foundation

Greville Pabst this year is sponsoring the Chamberlain Foundation to raise money to support mental health and suicide prevention in our community.

Ray Chamberlain is known by many as one of the AFL’s most experienced field umpires but few know the great community work he does off the field.

The Chamberlain Foundation is a suicide prevention and mental health charity providing support to organisations whose services help Australians prevent and recover from these experiences. They help fund programs that support Australia’s first responders, volunteer emergency workers, service men and women and the wider community.

The Chamberlain Foundation Luncheon is in it’s sixth year and is an annual social event to support the Foundation’s cause. The luncheon is an opportunity for our Tribe to come together, connect, hear about the work the Foundation is doing with its charity partners and celebrate.