With season 14 of The Block well underway, many are already making guesses as to which couple will win the competition. While the winning couple is yet to be determined, Bianca and Carla & Jess and Norm have the best apartments, given that they are the only two teams with penthouses (apartments situated on the top floor of an apartment building, typically outfitted with luxury features). It is almost as though there are two competitions taking place — one for the two penthouses and the other for the rest of the apartments. Even with this distinction, I expect all of the apartments to fetch between $2.3 – $2.7 million each.

While the two penthouses have similar price points, they are styled quite differently. Bianca and Carla have gone for darker colours, which give their space a New York, SoHo apartment loft feel. On the flip side, Norm and Jess have opted for much lighter tones. All things considered, buyers should keep in mind that while the penthouses are the smallest apartments on The Block this year, the penthouses have the ‘wow factor’ with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that will impress.

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