Tenant Services


It is important that you report any repair or maintenance items to your property manager as soon as you become aware of them.
Urgent repairs should be reported immediately to your property manager via email.
Examples of urgent repairs include:

If the matter is urgent and outside of Greville Pabst Real Estate business hours, please contact our preferred tradespeople listed below and inform your property manager in writing, via email as soon as possible.

Plumber & Gas
Tri Moore Plumbing
0417 617 274
0409 250 027
Mason Electrical Services
Pec Power
0409 762 758
0424 662 494
ASAP Locksmith
03 9510 3151
Marshall Restorations
03 9758 9200
Water Faults
South East Water
City West Water
Yarra Valley Water
132 812
132 642
132 762
Faults and Emergencies
Gas Emergency Services
132 500
132 771
131 280

Helpful links for tenants:

Find more information about renting a property in Victoria via the Renting section of the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.
Find out more about the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website
Visit the RTBA website https://rentalbonds.vic.gov.au/