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Greville Pabst is one of Australia’s leading Property Experts and is a passionate advocate for the role property plays in the creation of personal wealth.

Select a good property and this decision could set you up for the rest of your life. The difference between being able to send your children to a good school or being able to afford a nice family holiday each year.  Make a poor, uninformed decision and this will set you back immeasurably. The latter I see more often than not.

Real estate was my very first job after I left school. I grew up in Melbourne’s inner West, long before Footscray was fashionable. I attended PEGS in Essendon and East Keilor and then completed the Property Valuation course at RMIT in the mid 1980’s.

My first job was as a Cadet Valuer with one of the Major Banks in Collins Street, Melbourne and after 8 years  I was retrenched following the worst property collapse that I will probably ever experience in 1992. I always wanted to go out and do my own thing and then after a short stint with a commercial real estate firm, I formed WBP in the Early / Mid 1990’s with Patrick Brady and Bill Walstab (WBP )

It was not a good time to go into business for yourself as we were in the midst of an economic recession that saw interest rates rise to 18%. Property Professionals , Bankers were being retrenched in droves and developers were falling like flies.Literally, there were no jobs, so there was not much choice but to try and make my own job and start fresh.

I can remember vividly having nothing but the yellow pages on my desk and a phone.

I would search the Solicitor and Accountant listings and cold call them asking for work. There was no google in those days. I remember getting excited everytime the facsimile machine started to roll out a fresh instruction.

The recession was biting hard, but i quickly learned the harder I worked the luckier I got.

WBP grew from 5 of us in the mid 1990’s to over 200 employees today. I’ve always worked in Melbourne but we now have offices all around Australia.

Throughout my career I have witnessed the often costly mistakes people make when buying and selling property and I passionately believe in seeking professional advice when it comes to Real Estate.

This passion fuelled the creation of Greville Pabst Property Advisory,  the strategic advice arm of WBP Group, committed to providing independent property advisory solutions.

This advice supports Australians, from the first home buyer to the experienced investor, to make smart, evidence-based property decisions that saves them time, improves their financial outcomes and helps ensure that they don’t make a costly mistake.

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