All publicity is good publicity, right? Not so much. Especially in the world of real estate where a realtor’s name is the foundation on which his or her career is built.

In an increasingly tech-smart, media-focused world, it has only become more important to consider one’s reputation when looking for a real-estate agent to help you find your dream home. With a few clicks in Google, consumers can pull up all but an agent’s most private details. That is why more and more real-estate agents have hired public-relation agents to manage their public profile.

Maintaining the integrity of an agent’s reputation is priority number one for PR specialists working with real-estate agents. The benefits of having a PR agent as a real-estate professional are too many to count — chief among them, a mediocre reputation will more than likely lead to mediocre profit margins. After all, it can take years to build a magnificent reputation and only minutes to tarnish it.

I sat down with the Domain Group to discuss why agents need their own PR agents. Read more of my thoughts on the matter here.