Certified Property Valuation – Your Compass To Right Decisions

Private Valuation

Know The Baseline Because It’s All About The Numbers

Greville Pabst has been a bastion in the Property Valuation Industry as Chairman of WBP Group, one of Australia’s largest valuation institutions. Before we proceed with real estate transactions, we ensure that we know how much a property is worth to gauge how far we can realistically push towards your success. We support you with almost all kinds of private valuations for any purpose of selling or buying property.

A real estate agent may present you with appraisal and estimate value of your asset but a certified property valuation will give you reliance on the truth of how much to buy or sell. Speak with a Greville Pabst advisor now so we can advise the best private valuation for your property.

Get a Certified Property Valuation

Rely on the truth of a sworn valuation as a baseline for any real estate transaction.

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