Commercial Leasing & Management

Maximise the benefits of owning an investment property

Maximise the benefits of owning an investment property

Commercial Leasing & Management

For anyone looking to lease commercial property, Greville Pabst Real Estate specialists provide unparalleled and relevant expertise across all markets and sectors.

We provide informed, bespoke advice, starting with preparing and presenting the property, and then guiding the entire process, coordinating marketing, targeting occupiers, conducting viewings and handling negotiations.

An end-to-end service for commercial landlords and tenants:

The approach that our company has towards the administration and marketing of property is an all encompassing programme.  As property managers, we see ourselves as a Master of Ceremonies conducting every aspect of a property’s requirement.  Naturally, leasing and rental income is vital to this management programme.

We will provide a “hands on” approach to physical property management (rent, outgoings and cleaning collections, supervision and review of repairs, maintenance and overall property  administration), co- ordination of the letting of vacant properties and general property consultancy.

Very broadly, our total property management programme could encompass all or any of the following:

  • Establish professional and aggressive investment performance strategies
  • Immediate leasing of any vacant areas at the property.
  • Rent review advice and negotiations with tenants.
  • Maintenance works by outside contractors and inspections.
  • Advice on contracts for air conditioning, fire protection, electrical services etc, when the building and services are near the end of warranty periods in an effort to minimise outgoing costs.
  • Advice on ongoing negotiation of contracts for cleaning, security, pest control, emergency lighting, maintenance, etc.
  • Advice on and maintain security arrangements, i.e. card register, other keys.

Undertake day-to-day property administration involving:

  • Detailed review and advice on Leases
  • Full Lease administration
  • Preparation of tenancy schedules
  • Billing and collection of rent, outgoings and other maintenance charges including chasing of arrears
  • Assessment and payment of statutory outgoings (Council & Water rates)
  • Insurance considerations and advice
  • Monthly landlord statement accounting reports Monthly and annual GST reports
  • Annual income and expenditure reports Direct EFT payment of property rental income to your nominated bank account
  • Regular Inspections of the property
  • Tenancy Fit-out policies
  • Adjoining owners/tenant’s liaison
  • Major works including consultants

Our commercial approach is of vital importance so that the property presents in the best possible light during inspections with prospective tenants or the ongoing relationship with existing tenants. We normally undertake to implement short, medium and long term key strategies with respect to all managed properties.

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