With Greville Pabst, you can sell with confidence

When it comes to selling property, experience and expertise are the essential ingredients for a successful outcome – even in a hot market.

When you’re selling a property, be it your home or an investment property, you really just want someone who will tell it to you straight.

Someone with the experience and expertise to know what is and isn’t achievable.

Someone who knows how to play the game and who has the connections needed to not just ensure a successful sale – but a great outcome.

How we help

01. As your advocate

There’s no two ways about it – Greville knows how to play the game. He know the ‘tricks’ and ‘tactics’ agents use. He knows who’s good and who’s not. He knows what your property is worth and he knows what strategy will deliver the best outcome.

With Greville advising and guiding you through the process, the stress of selling will reduce (or vanish) and chances are you’ll get a better overall outcome.

02. As your agent

While Greville isn’t a sales agent himself, his team includes some of Melbourne’s best. Together with Greville, they will help you achieve a great sales outcome.

Unlike so many other agents, ours pride themselves on telling it how it is. There are no ‘smoke and mirrors’. Instead we use market data and intelligence to guide and inform the approach, and strategy to achieve the outcome you’re after.

Our Advantage

When you have Australia’s most experienced property advisor on your team, the advantages are many.
Our independence is an asset to you. Our only interests are your interests. As such we’re solely focussed on achieving the best outcome for you – not just a sale.

Our independence is an asset to you. Our only interests are your interests. As such we’re solely focused on achieving the best outcome for you – not just a sale.

As the founder and Chairperson of WBP Group, Greville has access to unparalleled market knowledge, intelligence and data gathered over the last thirty years – which we use to your advantage to ensure you achieve the best possible sales outcome.

Whether we’re selling your property for you, or acting as your advocate with another agent – Greville’s network, relationships and reputation works in your favour, with other agents and buyers advocates sitting up and taking notice.

With Greville, there’s no ‘smoke and mirrors’. He’s on your side, sharing his experience, insights and ideas to get you the best result possible.


Sally & Peter

‘Greville was there throughout the whole process, guiding, advising and managing it for us. He saved us money buying and helped us sell for a record breaking price.’

Brett & Megan

‘Greville’s bidding strategy won us the property. There’s no way we would’ve been as strategic and tactical, or as cool, calm and collected as he was.’

Nicolas & Kristina

‘Aside from saving us an enormous amount money on our dream home, Greville allowed us to avoid months and months of looking for a new home, along with the stress and heartache of missing out.’


‘At every step Greville was there personally guiding and advising us – ensuring we bought an investment property that met our needs and served our interests best.’