Much of what most individuals associate with the property industry is informed by misleading clichés. Evolved from jargon used by industry professionals, the clichés-under-scrutiny prey on the eagerness of prospective first-home buyers and other property ingénues. One would think that independent research would be a priority, but many jump head first into the property market without so much as an in-depth Google search. Hoping to get their foot in the door of the market, some property virgins may unwittingly use inaccurate realty clichés. Some of these clichés include: “hot spots”, “timing is everything”, “sitting on the sidelines” and “location, location, location”.

The where’s and when’s of real-estate buying often light the way to sound investments. However, timing is not always everything and a location’s value shouldn’t be limited to a suburb’s reputation. At any rate, isn’t it better to invest in an asset that performs irrespective of wider market conditions? Read more of my take on problematic property clichés on Switzer Media’s website.