Melbourne’s Rental Market – What You Need To Know.

At Greville Pabst Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our strong client-agency based relationships. The grounds on which our brand has become what it is, has been widely based on positive word of mouth and client referrals.

This strong relationship has always been an imperative aspect of our Agency, and it’s become even more important at this time and in order to continue leasing during lockdown. Though the experience has been challenging & different for all involved from virtual inspections, video meetings, contactless key drops and of course, the continuation of our paperless transactions, at GPRE we’ve had a significantly successful month of leasing.

We’ve seen a drop in enquiry levels, however an increased number of genuinely interested enquiries – rather than people just ‘shopping around’, which makes the leasing process more streamlined as those who enquire want to be seriously considered for the property and are willing to inspect & accept virtually, which is a win-win for all parties involved.

In our experience, the tenants who are happy to lease virtually are so keen to get their own space- with most coming from large share houses or small family homes, that they’re more than happy to have everything finalised online- it’s just one less thing they have to stress about during this chaotic time. We’ve found that our client relationships have only helped during this time as we have many current tenants who are more than happy to help out with Video calling prospective tenants to ensure the properties are tenanted as soon as they vacate, as well as potential tenants trusting us to act in their best interest.

Throughout this period both landlords & tenants alike have had to adjust to a new way of life and we couldn’t be more grateful & impressed by the way the Real Estate industry has taken to this new (hopefully temporary) way of life. It’s been challenging, emotional
and tiring time, but mostly we’ve felt an overwhelming sense of joy, relief & gratitude towards our clients & each other.

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