On this season of The Block, contestants did not shy away from splashing out on statement-making features like high ceilings, a floating fireplace and a gold bathtub. Contestants Hayden and Sara are responsible for the floating fireplace and gold bath, which judges say will polarize buyers. The vertical garden installed in Hayden and Sara’s second bathroom drew also drew contention among the judges. However, the couple was able to redeem themselves thanks to the high-end fit-out of their kitchen.

Meanwhile, Carla and Bianca were applauded for their modern NYC-inspired loft styling. Courtney and Hans also impressed the judges with the luxe feel of their kitchen. But, the judges called for more functionality, seating and spacing between the apartment’s two lounge areas. Queensland couple Jess and Norm are responsible for the controversial floating fireplace. Despite this, they impressed the judges with their economical use of space around the apartment and managed to win the $10,000 advocates prize. For more on The Block’s apartments from this season, head to Dailymail.co.uk to read the rest of the article.