Over the past 30 years, I have accumulated a portfolio of investment properties. It all started off with a one-bedroom flat in Kensington Rd, South Yarra. Back then, I paid close to $100,000 for the property and today, the flat is worth around $450,000. This is why I generally don’t sell my properties — they tend to appreciate in value if chosen wisely. In fact, some of the best property advice I’ve heard involves buying very good investment-grade property and holding it for a very long time. More than ever, good selection is critical.

On the rare occasions I decided to sell, I regretted the decisions. There’s an office in Latrobe St, a warehouse in North Melbourne and some small houses in Yarraville, Seddon and Footscray that still haunt me after selling them. For more on what else I’ve learned as a homeowner and property investor, head over to News.com.au. Also, if you are keen to learn the very particular type of property I select, what streets and suburbs that I buy in and how to avoid making a costly mistake then please contact me.