Last night on The Block, Greville Pabst gave his insights and focused on 3 things when renovating to sell:

Design for a modern look

Iconic design themes usually bring a timeless appeal, like what Greville said about Carla and Bianca’s penthouse, “There’s a New York loft feel and space about it.” Designing a modern look means to consider what the current market is looking for. Don’t settle with what you think is modern design, do your research, because you can easily renovate with new paint and fixtures but the design could still look dated.

Design for the demographic

This is where Kerrie and Spence’s living room design made Greville feel like an opportunity wasn’t taken to its full potential. Their design has somehow lost its connection with St. Kilda. He suggested to loosen up the styling and have more fun. Considering the demographic when renovating is essential to make the property marketable to the demographic when it’s time to sell.

Design the floor plan wisely

Living rooms and areas where people spend most of their time at home need to be well ventilated and if possible, away from the northern side of the building where there is direct sunlight. If this is not possible, at least, include a fan, to circulate the cooler temperature even if there’s air conditioning.

Here’s Greville talking about Courtney & Hans’ property layout and how they used their floor plan to maximise value:

These insights are essential to attract not only homeowners but investors as well because at the end of the day, the property needs to be occupied. That’s why thinking about the feel of the property, the flow through the house and the demographic you are targeting is absolutely vital when renovating to sell.

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