Do I need a buyer’s agent or adviser?

More of us are choosing independent associates without agenda to represent them in the property process. Professional advice helps you avoid the stumbling blocks you can encounter while buying, selling, or investing in property. The property market is brimming with opportunity and expert advice can give you the edge to [...]

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How do I choose a buyer’s agent or associate?

Before engaging a buyer’s advocate or property associate you should ensure they: hold a fully certified Real Estate Agents licence; are independent; don’t work with developers or real estate agents on a commission basis, so you know there is no vested interest; and have access to a team of researchers [...]

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How much does it cost to engage a buyers advocate?

Initial discussions are generally free. If you decide to engage a buyer’s advocate, some may have a one-off administration fee covering an audit of your lifestyle needs, financial position and investment goals. If the buyer purchases a property identified and negotiated by the buyer’s advocate, a percentage commission of the [...]

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What is a property associate?

Typically, they’re a qualified and experienced professional who works with property buyers, owners and investors as a buyer’s advocate and/or a vendor’s advocate. Offering strategic property investment advice, they also review investors’ property portfolios to advise on ways to improve performance.

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