How much deposit do I need to purchase a property?

This depends on your situation, the property you’re looking at, and if any government concessions apply. Generally speaking, you’ll need anywhere between 5%-20% of the purchase price. On top of that, allow around 5% for stamp duty, loan establishment fees, conveyancing and transfer registration. PropertyDuo will refer you to one [...]

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Why should property investors use a professional management service?

If landlords aren’t up-to-date with changes to legislation and industry standards, it can lead to potential liability and negligence claims. Because they don’t have the time to establish clear and detailed reporting systems, landlords can overlook potential issues, as well as opportunities that can impact their asset’s growth. PropertyDuo associates [...]

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How do I find an investment-grade property?

Our process is to continuously review the market, then survey properties for sale (on and off-market) using a selection technique that considers location, property type and property attributes. Properties under analysis are then subjected to an Investment Fundamentals Test to ensure they demonstrate a history of investment performance. The final [...]

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Should I invest in residential or commercial property?

Investing in residential property provides strong capital growth prospects, however, not all properties perform the same, so selection is crucial. Decisive drivers of capital growth include demand, location of property in relation amenities, location of apartment in development, functionality of floor plan and level of renovation. Residential yields (annual rent [...]

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