Do I need a buyer’s agent or adviser?

More of us are choosing independent associates without agenda to represent them in the property process. Professional advice helps you avoid the stumbling blocks you can encounter while buying, selling, or investing in property. The property market is brimming with opportunity and expert advice can give you the edge to [...]

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What is the best time of year to sell?

The premium time to sell is when the number of buyers is high compared to the number of properties for sale. The market tends to open up at the start of the year with pent-up demand over summer. Winter sees less competing listings, but not all properties present well at [...]

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How much deposit do I need to purchase a property?

This depends on your situation, the property you’re looking at, and if any government concessions apply. Generally speaking, you’ll need anywhere between 5%-20% of the purchase price. On top of that, allow around 5% for stamp duty, loan establishment fees, conveyancing and transfer registration. PropertyDuo will refer you to one [...]

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Is a two bedroom apartment a better investment than a one bedroom apartment?

There’s a common misconception that one-bedroom apartments are less desirable investments than two-bedrooms. From a capital growth perspective, a well located one-bedroom apartment with a great floor plan, close to amenities and infrastructure will outperform an average two-bedroom apartment in a secondary location.

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Why should property investors use a professional management service?

If landlords aren’t up-to-date with changes to legislation and industry standards, it can lead to potential liability and negligence claims. Because they don’t have the time to establish clear and detailed reporting systems, landlords can overlook potential issues, as well as opportunities that can impact their asset’s growth. PropertyDuo associates [...]

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