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Should you be concerned about changes to stamp duty?

It is the latest hot topic in the real estate industry, the axe of stamp duty on first-home buyer purchases of $600,000 or less. The change will take place from July and hopes to help more people break into the growingly competitive housing market. While this all sounds fantastic to [...]

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The one VERY surprising effect of blackouts on the cost of your home!

Have you ever been stuck in a lift in pitch black? I can tell you it is NOT a fun experience. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the rise of potential blackouts is seeing devastating effects in the price of apartments. As we move towards more renewable [...]

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Are your grandparents pushing you out of the property market?

If you have headed to an auction recently, you would have noticed the crowd is increasingly filled with baby boomers. These buyers are swooping in and throwing the competition out of the water, paying cash for property. This is making buying a home for first home buyers extremely challenging. These [...]

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The Secret to Finding The Perfect Suburb to Buy!

Are you the type that heads to auctions for homes you know you can’t afford? Maybe it is time you stopped torturing yourself. Choosing the right suburb to buy in comes down to a few factors, the biggest of which is budget! Choose one and stick to it. Another big [...]

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Top Tips for Preparing Your House For Sale!

Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your home, but how do you know when enough is enough? My rule of thumb has always been to spend around 8 per cent of the expected sale price on giving your home a facelift. This can be anything from landscaping to [...]

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The Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home

House flipping increases in popularity every year. With high rating renovation shows like The Block, many are choosing to renovate for resale and making a bucket load in the process. If you’re looking at giving your property an uplift, there are a few key factors you should consider. Firstly, you [...]

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Are Buyers Agents Really Worth Their Fee’s?

You look to your Doctor for health advice, so why not engage a Buyer's Agent for Real Estate advice? With the Property Market becoming increasingly complex with prices at an all time high, Home Buyers are increasingly turning to a Buyer's Agent to help them find the right property , [...]

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Avoid the Top Property Investment Pitfalls

Lately, it feels like in any social environment where the conversation has turned toward real estate I am asked the same question – Is Real Estate still a good investment? My answer is always yes. Having said this, one needs to avoid the classic pitfalls, which could lead to making [...]

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Will New Stamp Duty Changes Raise House Prices Even Higher?

Heard about the new changes to Stamp Duty and thought they were a great idea? Unfortunately, not many are considering the effects on house prices. If you’ve missed the update - The Government has announced a housing affordability package that will remove stamp duty for first-home buyers for properties up [...]

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Are we duping our pensioners?

With new changes to superannuation, Australians aged 65-plus who have owned their home for more than 10 years will be able to make a $300,000 non-concessional contribution to their superannuation accounts from its sale proceeds from July 2018. While it is designed to remove a barrier for empty-nesters to free [...]

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