Emma-Jayne Iles
Emma-Jayne IlesProperty Management & Leasing

Emma-Jayne has a talent for creating strong partnerships and exceptional interactions. With a background in dance and management, Emma-Jayne has a diverse skill set, setting her apart in the Real Estate industry. She thrives on the fast paced, ‘never a dull moment’ energy that Property management provides. She is skilled at client management, customer relationships management and working closely with suppliers/contractors. Emma-Jayne assists with strategic marketing concepts, property management & business development.

With a strong background in customer service, Emma-Jayne very much takes a ‘Client-first’ approach to everything she undertakes. An attitude that has been formed from working across a range of industries beyond property that includes hospitality, dance and retail.

Emma – Jayne listens to her clients’ needs and offers professional advice based on her knowledge and experience, thus achieving the results they are looking for – effortlessly and without stress. Her warm personality makes her very approachable and easy to deal with.

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