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Buyers Swapping Trees for Trams as City Living Calls

If you’re familiar with the hustle-and-bustle of city life, it’s easy to understand the appeal of a move to the quieter countryside. The growing trend of moving to either tree or sea change regions has been highlighted by recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures. Similarly, many are just as happy to make the move in the opposite direction — from the countryside to the city. Particularly, regional and country Victorians are buying themselves Melbourne bases to use as weekenders or to become their main homes.

Due to the corporatization of the farming industry and smaller profit margins, small to mid-size farmers have grown increasingly attracted to a city lifestyle. Many are selling up and downsizing, and some are buying properties in the city. Also, all the amenities that go with city life, such as shopping, restaurants and sporting facilities, are generally not as common in the country. For more on reverse tree changers, head to to read about those swapping a country life for a city life.

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